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Solit tariff Insti -
25% discount on the premium

solit - Insti tariff from 200.000.-€ investment amount with 25% discount on the premium (1,5%)


Solit Management GmbH

The SOLIT Edelmetalldepot Insti (for institutional or wealthy, private investors) is an offer of SOLIT Management GmbH in cooperation with Bayern LB and Tresta Treuhandgesellschaft mbH.

With the SOLIT Edelmetalldepot Insti, SOLIT Management GmbH offers its customers the opportunity to acquire precious metals and hold them in secure collective custody accounts. SOLIT Management GmbH was founded in 2008. Since then, precious metal volumes in the three-digit million euro range have already been realized annually through SOLIT.

Similar to my other offers, I stay here 25% below the standard premium (only 1.5% instead of 2%) for the precious metal deposit tariff Insti.

Solit TARIF INSTI // The key data of the precious metal depot

  • Lot-size-efficient direct acquisition of the precious metals gold, silver and platinum in large trading units from Europe’s leading wholesaler of precious metals, BayernLB.
  • Minimum amount: EUR 200,000 plus premium.
  • The deposit facility is also available for minors.
  • The investment is made for an indefinite period. Cancellation is possible at any time free of charge.
  • Customers acquire property, not claims or promises.
  • Precious metals can be mortgaged by owners.
  • Full flexibility in disposal: (partial) sale, payout plan, exchange and favorable delivery at any time possible.
  • Complete transparency via personal online access or app.
  • Timely and efficient solution in phases of low or negative interest rates.
  • Freely selectable allocation to gold, silver and platinum.

Solit tarif insti // The advantages of the Solit precious metal depot

  • Precious metals in physical form historically offer the best possible protection against financial and currency crises.
  • Precious metals are purchased from Europe’s leading wholesaler of precious metals, BayernLB.
  • BayernLB guarantees the authenticity of the precious metals purchased through it and ensures their safekeeping.
  • Silver and platinum purchases without value added tax
  • Fully and partially redeemable at any time
  • Physical delivery claim on a daily basis
  • Customer is owner of precious metals from the time of investment
  • Tax-free appreciation after one-year holding period (for private individuals subject to tax in Germany); no
    final withholding tax
  • Freely selectable allocation to gold, silver and platinum
  • Cost-efficient collective storage of your precious metals
  • Security through independent trusteeship and external control of the use of funds
  • No liability or insolvency risk
    Deposit facility also possible for minors

Assistance with the application process?

If you have difficulties with the application process, I can support you via remote maintenance and of course free of charge. To do this, click on the AnyDesk image, install the application and then contact me by phone. I then only need the ID that is displayed to you and can then connect to your PC after your approval to support you.

Offer: Instead of the usual 2%, you can use the following banner to conclude your precious metal depot tariff insti directly online with only 1.5% premium (25% discount on the premium).
The 1.5% applies permanently for each additional purchase into the depot.

If you have any questions, you can reach me at “usual” hours at +49 151/57155799. You are also welcome to send me a message. Please use the contact form or . Please also note the risk notice.

Click on the banner to set up the precious metal deposit tariff Insti with 25% on the premium

Bayern LB

BayernLB is a renowned institution for trading in precious metals. It serves as a place to buy and sell precious metals for the Insti tariff and offers its highly secure safe rooms as a storage place for purchased gold bars.

BayernLB has been in the precious metals business since the 1950s, supplying savings banks with coins and bars from around the world. BayernLB has made a name for itself as the leading dealer of physical precious metals in Germany through its continuous innovation, service orientation and passion for products. Its portfolio includes more than 400 investment products in gold, silver, platinum and palladium, which is one of the most extensive in the industry.

BayernLB maintains close business relationships with all major precious metal producers worldwide, which guarantees high delivery capacity and best quality. BayernLB is the only supplier in Germany to purchase all precious metals directly from the producers without intermediaries, which is reflected in fair prices for savings banks and their customers.

BayernLB is a contractual partner of SOLIT Management GmbH for the SOLIT Precious Metal Depot Insti to guarantee the authenticity of the purchased precious metals and to ensure safekeeping.

Tresta treuhandgesellschaft mbh

SOLIT storage concepts are managed by the independent TRESTA Treuhandgesellschaft mbH, based in Stade, Germany, with a branch office in Zurich, Switzerland.

The company was founded on 20.11.2003 and is registered under the number HRB 101256 at the commercial register of the district court of Tostedt. TRESTA offers fiduciary services and excludes fiduciary assignments and banking transactions that require approval.

Since its foundation, TRESTA Treuhandgesellschaft mbH has accompanied various issues of different issuing houses as a trustee. The management consists of Mr. Timo Engelbrecht, who took over the management in 2006 after 14 years as a banker, and Mr. Benjamin Zielke, who was appointed authorized signatory in January 2015 and has been the managing director of TRESTA Treuhandgesellschaft mbH together with Mr. Engelbrecht since August 2017. In addition to their training as bankers, both have a further degree in the tax consulting profession.

TRESTA is the contact for customers and is responsible for customer and contract administration as well as customer communication. It is obliged to carry out an inventory of the physically stored precious metals of the SOLIT precious metal deposits once a quarter and to prepare a report on this. Since its foundation, TRESTA has taken over the management/supervision of the respective investment for a total of more than 20,000 investors and manages capital totaling more than EUR 450 million.

FAQ's Solit precious metal depot / bonded warehouse

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